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G70: You’ll Want the Genesis You’ve Never Heard Of

Youll Want the Genesis Youve Never Heard Of

When Hyundai chose to offer a branch of itself in the form of a luxury brand with only two models to offer it seemed to be a short-lived farce of a publicity stunt. A few years in and we haven’t seen any growth, but we have heard of the development of some models that are going to be offered for the future. One model that’s ready to make its debut and begin to convince you that you want to drive a vehicle from a brand that you’ve never heard of is the new Genesis G70.

The Real Reason You Need an SUV(Part 1)

The Real Reason You Need an SUVPart 1

When you’re ready to purchase an SUV you’re likely looking for a vehicle that offers you room to carry the stuff you want to take with you. The term SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, which means that it’s supposed to fill many of the needs you have when its time to get out on the road. With more of these crossovers on the market than ever before, you need to know how much space is offered for you to carry the items you want with you when you drive. Let’s take a look at the utility offered for several different crossover SUVs and we’ll wrap up the conversation in Part 2.