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The Lexus RX Getting Bigger for the Future

The Lexus RX Getting Bigger for the Future

Some of the largest SUV models on the market have impressed and amazed us for years with the fact that so many have offered us the choice between a typical wheelbase and a longer wheelbase version. This choice for those that want a bit more comfort for the drive makes a huge difference and allows us to know we can have a vehicle that will be more for the drive. With this in mind, one of our favorite luxury brands has informed us they will bring a longer wheelbase model of one of their SUVs to the market as well.

2018 Lexus RX: Midsize Luxury Dominance

2018 Lexus RX Midsize Luxury Dominance

When you’re looking for a luxury SUV that has been a proven leader in the midsize segment, the one you want to have for the driving experience that’s perfect for you is the Lexus RX. This SUV has been the one we turn to for value and as a class leader that offers you the aggressive appearance you want to enjoy and the sportier performance that will make you remember this is a fun vehicle to take out on the road. In addition to being a lot of fun, the RX is an SUV that’s extremely useful as well.