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Fiat Frog: Its Small, Its Cute and You’ve Never Heard of It

Its Small Its Cute and Youve Never Heard of It

The automotive market has always been a place where you can find a higher level of creativity than you might expect from some other industries. Too much pollution, there’s a solution, the car goes too slow, there’s a solution, the engine is too large, there’s a solution. In fact, we’ve discussed over many years the different ways the automotive industry continues to find solutions to the challenges we face on the roads in our area even if that means taking away the fun of driving to create safety.

Changes Coming to Fiat in North America

Changes Coming to Fiat in North America

It’s not a secret that FCA has a difficult time convincing the US consumers that a subcompact car is the right choice to drive. In a country where the borders are separated by oceans and two other expansive countries, there’s not much call for tiny cars to prowl the roads. While the Fiat 500 has been popular among city dwellers, that market is severely limited and extremely competitive as well. The profitability of these small cars isn’t anywhere near what some of the other models from FCA offer and with the retirement of Sergio Marchionne drawing closer, profitability is the key factor that’s being considered.