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2019 BMW 7 Series: the Flagship You Can Drive

2019 BMW 7 Series the Flagship You Can Drive

The flagship models offered by most luxury brands feel like they should come with a chauffeur as part of the cost. There is one car in this class that doesn’t feel this way and makes it easier for you to have the drive you’re looking for on the road. The 2019 BMW 7 Series is a car that makes you want to get behind the wheel and drive rather than sitting in the rear seat being driven around. The dynamic driving characteristics and features of this car will give you the ride qualities you want in a large sedan.

A Prototype Hits the Road Early in the Development Cycle

A Prototype Hits the Road Early in the Development Cycle

Often we don’t see spy photos or hear about the new developments of vehicles until they are extremely close to being ready to be offered on the market. This has to do with when automakers want us to start to talk about the new models that will be offered and the length of time it takes to develop even the most basic of concept models as a prototype that can drive on the road. Recently, a new model was out in public wearing camouflage to give us an idea of what we might see in the near future.