Do You Even Need to Step Foot in Car Dealerships Anymore?

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If you have explored the new or used car market lately, you’ve probably noticed that the way you can purchase a vehicle has changed drastically over the past decade. There once was a time when drivers had to go into brick-and-mortar dealerships to purchase a new or used vehicle.

Today, not only do prospective drivers not have to leave their houses anymore, but traditional dealerships aren’t the only avenue to purchase a new or used vehicle nowadays. Innovation and fair market competition has driven new ways for consumers to experience car buying and surprisingly, these new changes have forced many traditional car dealerships to
change how they do business.

As Drivers Shop Online, Car Dealerships are Forced to Respond

The rise of e-commerce which exploded during the pandemic enabled consumers to experience a new way of shopping. No industry was off limits, car dealerships included. As consumers turn to online car retailers including Carvana and, traditional car dealerships have had to respond. Franchise dealerships have been forced to create an online presence to help capture some of those sales they would have otherwise lost.

For many dealerships, this means creating an online inventory database that is easy to navigate, up-to-date, and convenient for shoppers to use. With franchise dealers that have made the investments, they have enabled their customers to shop from the comfort of their homes without ever having to step foot inside the dealership.

Perks With Shopping Online Car Dealers

Whether you’re shopping with an innovative online-only dealer or with your local dealership through their online avenue, there are undeniably so many perks to shopping online. First, there’s the advantage of time efficiency. Shoppers no longer have to spend copious amounts of time at the showroom shopping around for models. Instead, shoppers can conveniently narrow down their options via an online database to find a model that works for them. Additionally, the burden of having to speak with a salesperson—an experience that many may feel is intimidating—is also removed.

New Automakers Aim to Restructure How Americans Buy Cars

As the automotive market goes digital, some automakers are committed to disrupting the process altogether. Electric automaker Tesla is notorious for marching to the beat of its own drum. The automaker has been at the center of numerous lawsuits that have tried to push the dealer from selling directly to consumers online, eliminating the need to go into a dealership entirely.

The automaker operates by offering galleries in select locations across the U.S. Shoppers can visit these galleries and take stock of available Tesla models. Then, consumers are directed to the online website where they can place their orders.

Traditional Dealerships are Adapting to the Change

While the landscape of automotive sales is slowly but undeniably changing, traditional brick-and-mortar dealerships are committed to keeping up with the change. Shifting their business model online, offering financial, sales, and maintenance services through their online portals, and having a stronger online presence that streamlines sales are all methods that have resonated with consumers thus far.

While nothing beats visiting a traditional dealership and actually test-driving a car you’re interested in, it’s clear that this transition to online-only sales is one that drivers have responded to surprisingly well.

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