Top 3 Platforms to Run Dealership Ads in 2019

Top 3 Platforms to Run Dealership Ads in 2019

Dealership Ads in 2019

Running your dealership PPC campaigns on Google and popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram will only benefit your marketing and sales. Why these three platforms, specifically? Google is the number one search engine, Facebook is still very popular among young and older generations and Instagram is your latest social media platform ally.

Google Ads

Hopefully, you’re already running dealership PPC campaigns on Google Ads. It’s the most common platform to run your text and image ads to reach those looking for anything automotive related online. You can customize your ads, create ad groups and let your campaigns automatically adjust your bids. These Google Ads will help with your dealerships placement in SERPs and keep your dealership relevant among your competitors who are also using Google Ads. You can experiment with Google Ads to find the ones that work best for your current sale or promotion. And they’re also great for building up brand awareness. Google Ads make it easy to keep track of what ads are live and what ads are performing better based on subtle word changes or keywords including negative keywords. It’s the best platform to start building out PPC campaigns if it’s not one you’re already using.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are easy to set up and build out different audience groups. If you’re running an ad for a new van, then you can create an audience group for mothers and target their location, age, and interests. You can have multiple groups to really fit the ads that you’re running. Facebook is also still a top social media platform, so you need to make sure you’re targeting your audience on Facebook. This is a great platform for targeting those ready to upgrade their car after working at their first job for a few years. According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 80 percent of people ages 18 to 29 use Facebook, while 40 percent of people 65 years and older use Facebook. That 40 percent is also a strong number to consider for your audience because you’ll be able to target those retirees ready to buy a luxury car. And that 40 percent has doubled from 20 percent since 2012.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is right behind Facebook as a top social media platform according to Pew Research Center. It’s also important to note that they’re diving more into advertising which encourages brands to promote their products and services on the photo-sharing platform. Instagram is a great way to share diversified ads because you can share ads in the classic feed format and also vertical ads in Instagram Stories with an easy swipe up feature that takes users directly to your website. This makes it easy for your audience to find your call to action in the form of a second nature swipe up. While Instagram’s core audience is made up of 18 to 24-year-olds, it’s still important to reach that age group because 22 to 24-year-olds are typically graduating from college and starting their first entry-level jobs and eager to upgrade their current car.

Build Your PPC Around the Big Three

For your dealership to serve successful ads, it needs to be using the top three platforms that will reach your target audience. The big three are Google Ads, Facebook ads and Instagram advertising. Start incorporating each into your marketing plans and tweak as needed until you find the sweet combination of ads for each platform.

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