The Fastest Dodge Demon

The Fastest Dodge Demon

If the massive horsepower offering of the Dodge SRT Challenger Hellcat Demon wasn’t enough for you, it seems that someone has gone and created a model that brings even more power to the mix to give you the incredible drive and speed you want when you take it to the track. The Demon, without any upgrades, is made to be one of the most powerful and impressive cars that you can drive, but the SpeedKore team has improved the power level to make their version the fastest Demon in the world.

The Basics Were in Place

If you want to call the Dodge Demon a basic model that has the power and drive that could be built upon, you would have what you’re looking for. Because the Demon began its life as an already amazing car, adding more to it was only going to enhance what it offers for the drive on the track. This car can finish a quarter-mile run in 9.65 seconds without any of the aftermarket upgrades that SpeedKore would be adding to the mix. With this basis of driving in place, the team was able to go to work to make a few changes.

More Power and Less Weight Gives this Car More Speed

The equation for speed is actually a simple one, once you get past the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The SpeedKore team used the formula for speed which was to make the car lighter wherever they could and give the car more power to make sure it could race even faster than it had in the past. These changes were accomplished by modifying the motor and adding carbon fiber panels where they could, which was something Dodge wouldn’t do because of the cost involved in the process.

Weight Loss Was Seriously Dramatic

You might think that the tuning house of SpeedKore would be able to shave a few pounds here or there to maybe add up to fifty or more pounds saved, but that wasn’t the case. The changes this team made to the Demon resulted in a car that weighs in at 600 pounds less than the stock model. That’s a huge difference between the two cars and it makes you wonder if the team was able to keep the Demon as safe as it was when it rolled off the production line as a stock model.

An Argument for More Power

Why do we admire superchargers? Typically we admire them because they don’t take as long to spool up and give power as turbochargers. SpeedKore found a way to add more power to the Dodge Demon by swapping out the supercharger for a pair of turbochargers that would allow the Demon to have more power to race down the track and complete a quarter-mile run in less time than the one that was built as a stock model. This addition of power is significant for this new version of the Demon that was created for the drive.

How Much Power do You Want?

The stock version of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was rated at 808 horsepower with regular premium gasoline and 840 horsepower with racing fuel in the tank. The SpeedKore upgrades to the engine make it possible for this amazing car to be able to push the limits and give you 1,800 horsepower for the drive. It seems a bit odd that a pair of turbochargers is all it takes to make this incredible difference, and the power is only on paper as far as we know. The power at the wheels is what we need to learn about.

The Final Numbers from SpeedKore

Once the changes were made to the Dodge Demon, the car weighed in at 3,650 pounds and it showed off with actual horsepower of 1,203 to give this car some amazing power under the hood. The equation of less weight and more power to create more speed made it possible for Leah Pritchett to set a new quarter-mile record of 8.77 seconds at 161 mph in this amazing car. What an incredible feat achieved by a team that took the Demon and made it even more sinister than it already was.

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