Reliability Matters; Avoid These Vehicles

Reliability Matters Avoid These Vehicles

According to Consumer Reports, the most unreliable vehicles on the road are these. Some are going to surprise you and others are not. What you do need to understand is the fact that you can still enjoy the ride in these models, but if there’s another, more reliable choice in the same class, you might want to make that choice.

Honda Odyssey

The biggest surprise is that a Honda is on this list at all. This model comes in tenth place with body hardware and interior electronics offering some trouble to owners. This is a comfortable, refined, and economical minivan that can be right for you to have the drive you want, but you might want to make a different choice.

Volkswagen Atlas

Here’s an excellent three-row SUV that offers respectable driving dynamics and a quiet cabin, but it does have trouble with the climate control system and transmission. The transmission should certainly worry you when it comes to driving this SUV.

Buick Enclave

In the eighth spot, the Enclave has minor transmission issues and problematic climate control and emission system. This could be the right SUV for you to drive if you want a premium three-row crossover SUV. Ask about the transmission issues before you decide to make this the vehicle that you take with you out on the road. You want to be sure about what you drive before you buy.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

Another surprise on this list is this big and brawny pickup truck. This truck is built to be tough and rugged, but there have been major engine issues reported and noises and leaks in some areas. You’re going to want to ask a lot of questions before you take this truck home and decide it can get the job done for you.

Kia Cadenza

The sixth spot on the list is occupied by a luxury sedan from Kia. This car can be a wonderful drive for you but it has been reported for having problematic climate control, fuel, and emissions systems. The car is roomy and quiet and could be the right choice for you, but know what some of the issues are.

Chevrolet Traverse

Another Chevrolet and one that’s great for families shows up on this list. You might not like the fact that you could be on a drive with your family and experience a transmission problem or have to deal with electronics that cause you troubles. This is a pity because this is a great SUV for families most of the time.

Honda Clarity

The fourth least reliable vehicle for you to drive is the Clarity which is a great hybrid sedan that you can take for a drive, but it does have its issues. The climate control, fuel, and emissions systems are the problems along with the body hardware. You may want to look elsewhere for the hybrid car you want to drive.

Cadillac ATS

Normally, you consider this to be a car that’s great to drive and a perfect choice on the road, but there are some issues with it. This car has a troublesome infotainment system and electronics that can give you trouble when you drive. Ask about the fixes for these issues and see if you can enjoy this car on the road.

Tesla Model X

As the three-row SUV from Tesla, you can admire this vehicle but it has issues with the body hardware, noises, leaks, and interior electronics. The gullwing doors make this SUV one that looks great and the drive can be enjoyable, but this is a vehicle that came off the line with issues already involved and it continues to have them.

Ram 3500 HD

The most unreliable vehicle on the market today is the Ram 3500 HD. This truck should be one that you can easily enjoy when you need to get to work. This truck has reported issues with the steering, suspension, fuel, emissions, and engine-cooling systems. You may find a variety of noises and leaks that make it tough to trust.

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