The Chevrolet Savior Meets its Demise

Chevrolet Volt

When it first arrived on the scene in 2010, the Chevrolet Volt was thought of as a car that could help to save GM and spur a movement of hybrid vehicles that would take away some of the market share from Toyota.
This little car showed up with the build and the qualities desired and it was updated in 2015 to give us a second generation of the range and qualities desired. Recent news has listed the Chevrolet Volt as one of the models that will be axed by GM when it works through the plant closings and a shift away from passenger cars for the future.

Why is the Volt Being Axed?

Sales Didn’t Reach Expected Numbers

The Chevrolet Volt arrived with a significant sticker price that was offset by the tax credit, but that wasn’t enough of an enticement for this to be one of the highest volume models in the Chevrolet lineup. The first generation of the Volt reached a peak of 23,461 while the second generation only fared slightly better with a peak of 24,739 models that were sold. This hybrid car could have done better, but it wasn’t quite the affordable car we needed.


The Volt was developed during the Great Recession, but when it finally arrived on the market, it was one that could have benefited from further development. The price of the Volt, which was initially $41,725, made it a hard pill to swallow when it comes to the amount spent when compared to the chief competition of the Toyota Prius, which was nearly $10,000 cheaper.

Gasoline Prices

When the Chevy Volt first arrived, we expected gas prices to increase to levels that would keep many of us off the roads, but that never happened. Even though we love our fuel-sipping models, it wasn’t a needed quality in a vehicle because the US eventually produced more oil than Saudi Arabia, making it possible for us to continue to have affordable gas for our drive on the road.

More Competition

In 2010, when the Volt first arrived, the only competition it faced was the Toyota Prius. Although several automakers were working on hybrid and electric models, the range of other models just couldn’t compare. Eventually, competition from Tesla, Nissan, and other brands has made it necessary for Chevrolet to decide it’s time to get rid of the Volt for good.

A Shift by GM

The range of the new Chevrolet Bolt has made it possible for most of us to drive wherever we need to without the use of gasoline at all. This makes the Volt an unnecessary item when it’s time to get out on the road. The move of GM to battery-electric models and away from gasoline-hybrid powertrains makes sense, but it also spells the end for the Chevy Volt.

Fewer Sedan Sales

Sedans that aren’t built and sold under luxury names are becoming less popular and sales have slowed to make this area of the market one that’s no longer profitable for automakers. The Volt falls into this mix and will no longer be offered with the last year of production being 2019. Soon after, we’ll see the demise of other Chevrolet sedans, like the Chevy Impala and Cruze. The car that was supposed to save the brand has had its time on the market, which has come to an end.

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