Nexo – This Hyundai SUV is Right for the Future

The Hyundai Nexo is Right for the Future

When more automakers embrace the fact that hydrogen will be the true future of driving, we’re going to see an infrastructure boom that hasn’t been seen in the past. Until then, we’re going to see brands such as Hyundai, offer us models like the Nexo that we look at and realize they are just a little ahead of their time. The amount of fossil fuels is finite and electric batteries haven’t proved to be easy to charge in a short period of time yet, but hydrogen can easily be the answer to what we desire.

The Nexo Relies on Abundance

Why does the Hyundai Nexo make sense? This vehicle is one that’s built to be powered solely with a fuel-cell powertrain that uses hydrogen as the fuel. What makes hydrogen the right choice for fuel-cell vehicles? First of all, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and it doesn’t seem there could ever be a shortage that’s caused by using it. Additionally, the only emissions that are expelled from the Nexo or other hydrogen models are water vapor. There’s nothing harmful to the environment about water vapor at all, making it the preferred choice over current exhaust fumes.

Range is the Name of the Game and Hyundai Wins with the Nexo

How do you increase the range of vehicles that are being made to use alternative fuels? For an electric vehicle, additional power comes from adding more battery packs to the mix, which increase the weight of the vehicle dramatically. In a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, all you need to do to increase the range is add an additional fuel tank and then you’ve doubled the range of the model that you want to drive. Because of the abundance of hydrogen, having fuel-cell models should become cheaper to drive in the long run.

Refilling is Another Win for the Nexo

How long does it take to refill an electric vehicle? The time it takes depends on the charger being used and the distance you want to be able to drive. In both cases, the reality is you’re likely to spend about an hour refilling an EV before you can have eighty percent of the range once again. In a fuel-cell model such as the Nexo, you’re going to refill the tank in about the same amount of time as refiling a regular gasoline-powered vehicle. You might have to refill more of than that with gas, but the fact that it only takes a few minutes makes a huge difference.

What does the Nexo Offer?

We can sing the praises of FCV models for a while, but what we really want to discuss is the Nexo. This is a vehicle that offers you a range of 354 miles when the tanks are full in the 2019 Nexo Limited model. This is a vehicle that looks great and drives like a car. The recognizable Hyundai styling is easy to see and you can choose either 18 or 19-inch wheels for the drive you need to make on a regular basis.

Inside, the Nexo has a two-spoke steering wheel, thirty cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row of seats, and a pair of 12.3-inch display screens. You’ll have the benefits of push-button start, the gorgeous style, and a futuristic feeling when you drive the Nexo. Don’t expect the Nexo to be quick, its ability to reach highway speeds, but you need to make sure you have enough room for the vehicle to get up to speed to make the driving comfortable and easy for you to enjoy.

New Tech Isn’t Cheap

Because FCV models aren’t popular yet and the infrastructure hasn’t reached the entire country, the 2019 Hyundai Nexo SUV is more costly than you might expect. If you do want to enjoy the benefits of only expelling water vapor and driving a vehicle that’s easy to admire and enjoy, the Nexo is the one you should choose. While other brands are still leasing their FCV models, Hyundai has decided the Nexo is advanced enough to be sold and with this vehicle, the argument for building the right infrastructure to use the most abundant element in the universe is a strong one.

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