Get Ready for Spring with a SCAG

Get Ready for Spring with a SCAG

It’s awfully cold outside right now and the threat of snow looms large in your mind on a daily basis. Even so, you know the springtime is around the corner and it will be time for you to mow the yard. How did you mow your grass last year? If you used a push mower for the job, you need to step up to a zero turn mower from SCAG to help you get the work done this year. Of course, if you used a tractor mower that doesn’t have a good turning radius, you’ll want to see what this SCAG has as well.

Introducing the SCAG Liberty Z 48

When you want to have the turning radius to get closer to your landscaping features and still have at least 48-inches of cutting width, this is the mower you’re looking for. The Liberty Z is designed and manufactured to be as tough as you are. This SCAG mower won’t quit until the job is done and it’s time for you to put it away until it’s time to mow your yard the next time. You want a high-quality mower that can handle the job around your large yard and this is the mower that will get the job done.

Experience the Power of the SCAG Liberty Z

The seating position of this zero-turn mower is high and comfortable with a place for you to have a drink that you want to enjoy when you’re mowing the yard. You can have a variety of deck widths with up to 52-inches for the cut you want to enjoy. The Kohler 7000 Series engine is able to give you the power and performance you want to enjoy when you’re ready to get out and handle the job of cutting your grass every week.

Reliable and Versatile from the Seat

Sitting up high on this SCAG mower, you can adjust the height of the cut from where you’re sitting rather than having to get down and adjust the deck to the right height. You’ll be amazed by the radius of the turn you want to enjoy when you cut around the trees and flower beds in your yard. Travel up to seven mph when you drive from area to area during your time out in the yard cutting the grass that you’re going to enjoy on a regular basis.

A Warming Experience for You

Drive in and see the team at Jeff Schmitt Lawn & Motorsports today and take a look at the SCAG Liberty Z 48 today. This mower will warm up your feelings and let you forget about the cold weather going on around you right now. With this mower, you’ll be ready to head out and cut the grass when the spring weather arrives.

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