The Rear Seats of the New Expedition

The Rear Seats of the New Expedition

For the past twenty years, there has been one model that has withstood the test of time without the need for any major changes. Certainly, this model has had upgrades when it comes to the technology and features that have been enjoyed in this vehicle, but the platform and build offered on this vehicle have remained the same. The 2018 model year will bring in a new version of the Ford Expedition which will continue to be the largest SUV offered by Ford.

This SUV will offer many of the same attributes from the front seat area forward as what you find in the Ford F-150. Once you take a look at the rear seats you’re going to find qualities that might have you fighting to sit in this area of this big brute. The standard offering for the rear seat is a bench that is comfortable, but you can also have this seating area with captain’s chairs in order to have the right way to feel comfortable.

There is an impressive amount of legroom and headroom along with a panoramic moonroof that you can enjoy in this area. The seats of the second row slide forward to allow easy access to the third row or slide back to make sure you can have even more space when you want it. Another benefit to this seating arrangement is the fact that this impressive large SUV is perfect for the ride when you have a child seat installed which can remain installed in the second row and still offer the easy access to the third row.

The third row of seats offers you plenty of space in the pack to make sure you can have the right way to sit comfortably if you happen to be relegated to this area of the Expedition. If you want more space in the back you can choose the Ford ExpeditionMax which offers you a longer wheelbase to make sure you can have more cargo room in the back of the SUV. This makes it easy to carry all the gear you need for the driving you’re going to do while also being comfortable in the seats offered in this amazing vehicle.

The rear seats also tilt back to allow for a bit of a recline. Every seat in the Expedition offers you at least one USB port to charge the devices that you take along with you. There is also a 110V outlet that is placed in the center of the second row. This second row has an optional two-screen entertainment system with both USB and HDMI inputs to allow a gaming console to be hooked up for the fun you want to have while out on the roads and trails in this big SUV.

Its taken twenty years, but the Ford Expedition has finally been redesigned and upgraded to be even better than ever. Choose the rear seat whenever you can in order to enjoy the driving experience you want to have when you want a massive and powerful SUV that fits everyone and gives you the ability to carry and pull what you need.

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