Silverado HD from Chevrolet is Extremely Aggressive

Silverado HD from Chevrolet is Extremely Aggressive

Chevrolet has tried, not very successfully, to keep the new 2020 Silverado HD under wraps to let us learn about it, but not see what it happens to offer in terms of style and features. Now, this new brute of the workforce has been revealed and it’s aggressive and ready to give us the look and qualities we’re sure to admire. This new Silverado HD is never going to be mixed up with a smaller model at all. The covers are off and this big brute has a grill and the look that we want to enjoy when we want a big and powerful truck.

The Look of this Chevy Says it All

When you see the new 2020 model of the Silverado HD you’ll see the massive grill which is flanked by a vertical bank of lights and offers a slender strip of lights that runs the top of the grill for a more dramatic appearance. One feature that carries over from the previous version is the large hood vent to suck in the air needed to feed the engine. The only item that’s shared with the smaller Silverado 1500 is the roof, which means everything else on the HD model is unique to this truck.

An Easier Access to the Bed in the Silverado HD

As you would expect, the steps in the rear bumpers are still offered for the new 2020 model and they are larger than in the past. Chevy has added a set of new steps in the side of the bed build which hare called Bedsteps which make it easy for you to step up and reach into the bed from different areas along the side of the bed, making it much easier for you to enjoy the use of what this truck offers.

Expected Engines for the Silverado HD

Even though we’ve gotten a look at what the new Chevrolet Silverado HD has to offer, we don’t know what’s going to be under the hood just yet. This truck is expected to be powered by a gasoline V8 engine that’s attached to a six-speed automatic transmission and a Duramax turbocharged diesel V8 engine like the Chevrolet Suburban that will make use of the ten-speed automatic transmission for the drive. These would be engines that would also carry over to the new model with this truck to give us more of what we want.

The Full Reveal is on the Calendar

When the calendar turns to 2019, we’re not going to see the new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD right away. Instead, Chevrolet has chosen the Chicago Auto Show in February as the location and the time in which this truck will be shown so that we can enjoy what it has to offer. The Silverado HD will go on sale in the middle part of 2019 to give us the new and powerful heavy-duty truck that we’ve been looking for. If you’re ready for more power and a more aggressive truck to drive, you can mark the show in February on your calendar and look forward to this truck.

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