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November 2018

Ford Answers the Taxi Needs in Large Cities

Ford Answers the Taxi Needs in Large Cities

As taxi companies face the difficulty of staying in business due to the increased use of the ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft, the need for vehicles that can appropriately replace the Ford Crown Victoria is imminent. Thankfully, the same company that created this highly recognizable car, which has been used as a taxi around the country for many years, has a solution to the challenge for taxi companies. The new taxi that you could ride in when you visit a large city offers a variety of benefits for the taxi company to continue to provide you with the ride you need.

When You Want More from the Chevrolet Cruze

When You Want More from the Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze has been one of the most popular compact cars on the market and it’s one that offers us a variety of performance choices and features that we want to enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s also considered to be a car that’s meant to offer you fuel mileage and sensible driving rather than giving you the fun and active ride you might be looking for. There is a place you can go when you want to have more power and active driving from the Chevrolet Cruze that you own and drive.

The Grocery-Getter Upgrade

The team at TRIFECTA Performance is based in Seattle, WA and they have been transforming the boring and mundane vehicles that we drive most of the time into something more exciting and fun. For the Chevrolet Cruze, this team has been able to turn up the power by 44 horsepower and 41 lb.-ft. of torque on average for the small 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. While making these upgrades, there are no physical modifications made to the car and the engines are still able to operate using regular 87 octane gasoline, which certainly makes this team the place to go for more performance for your car.

What’s the Secret?

The team at TRIFECTA specializes in taking average commuter cars, trucks, and SUVs to analyze every area of the performance and programming of the vehicle. They’ve built tools in-house that allow them to reprogram and tune up an engine to offer a sportier appearance. For the Chevrolet Cruze, this is accomplished with a reprogramming of the engine computers to improve the horsepower, fuel economy, and driving dynamics to allow the car to act more like a sports compact car and not one that’s tuned to just handle your daily commute.

The Custom Parts Added for Performance

In order to avoid changing too much of the standard car, the team at TRIFECTA has a protocol for the supporting hardware to make the tuning easier and more seamless than it would normally be. This is done by modifying their own cars and developing the plug-and-play calibrations for those parts. This means when a customer brings them a car to modify, they already know what the calibrations should be to offer the optimal performance from the few custom parts that are added to the mix to offer the fun and active drive that will be enjoyed on the road.

Adding More Performance Features

The team at TRIFECTA has been tuning the Chevrolet Cruze since 2010 and they offer some completely custom features. They can give you a performance mode feature that’s programmed through the Cruise Control button. By listening to the different states of the cruise control system you could have Economy and Sport modes in a car that didn’t have a driver-selectable mode in the past. If you want to have a Cruze that’s tuned up for more performance without changing the look of the car, you need to contact the team at TRIFECTA and let them get started on your car.

Kia Offering a New EV

Kia Offering a New EV

As the Consumer Electronics Show opens up, we’re going to see a new concept car offered by Kia. There have been some teaser images that were released with the idea of keeping the identity of the vehicle shrouded for some time, but the secret identity was quickly revealed with the bright glowing letters in the rear that spell out Niro EV to let us know what this car is. Even without the name across the back, we should have been able to decipher what this car is and understand what we’re going to see at the show.

The Hyundai Ioniq is the Right Step Forward

The Hyundai Ioniq is the Right Step Forward

The future of the automotive market is likely in the use of hybrid and electric vehicles that we will want to drive. The 2019 Hyundai Ioniq is a car that brings us three variations of the forward-thinking alternative fuel part of the market to have the right model to enjoy on the road. This small and active vehicle is easy to admire and it can be the right choice when you’re ready to get behind the wheel and have a drive that takes you on the road with a higher level of efficiency.

2018 Buick Regal TourX: Bringing a European Favorite to Our Shores

2018 Buick Regal TourX_ Bringing a European Favorite to Our Shores (1)

The Buick lineup has been overhauled over the past few years and it has been updated with some models that are made to give it a different feeling and an impressive list of excellent vehicles to drive. The Buick Regal TourX is a model that has the look and feel of a wagon but doesn’t bring you the traditional size and shape of a wagon for the drive that you would normally expect to have for the drive. This new wagon is sport and impressive to give you the drive you want.

2019 Toyota 86: Rear-Drive Affordable Fun

2019 Toyota 86 Rear-Drive Affordable Fun

While we’d all like the ability to afford an exotic European sports car, most of us will never see the inside of one of those cars. No matter, there are sports cars on the market that make driving fun and one that has the active ride and features you want is the 2019 Toyota 86. Thankfully, this car is not only set up with RWD, but it’s also affordable and fun for you to have the drive you want whether you see an open stretch of road or take it to the track to show off.