Choose the Argo Conquest for the Extreme Terrain

Choose the Argo Conquest for the Extreme Terrain

You wouldn’t take your car or SUV across a river that’s a couple of feet deep, but you can traverse this terrain when you have an Argo Conquest Extreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV). This amazing vehicle is built with eight wheels to continually have the traction you’re looking for and the engine is fed through a snorkel to make sure it can always breathe, even when it’s completely submerged. Your friends will be amazed at the capability, and you’ll have a lot of fun when you take your Argo out to the wilderness.

Built in New Hamburg, Ontario, the Argo models are powered by Kohler engines and while the horsepower numbers don’t impress anyone, the massive amount of torque gives these vehicles that ability to handle all sorts of terrain. Take the XTV on the sandy beaches you find, out for the ride around in the mud, across the gravel pathways at home, and through the creeks and rivers that seem to be in your way. These vehicles are built to handle every terrain you can think of and will plow through mountain snow with ease when other vehicles can handle the ride.

Getting Used to the Argo XTV Models

What will surprise you about the Argo vehicles is the fact there aren’t any steering items that you’d be used to. There is a tiller that looks a bit like motorcycle handlebars that have been set close together. In order to steer an Argo model, the wheels on one side will slow down while the other side speeds up. This means, you could spin the Argo you choose in an extremely tight circle, and when you get used to the steering system you can easily make your way around obstacles that are in your path.

If you’re looking at the Argo XTV as a vehicle made for speed, you’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand, when you realize the purpose of this vehicle is to make it over the terrain and obstacles in your path, this is the perfect model for you to have the fun and active driving you’re looking for. The capability to ride over the trails and through the streams in your way makes the Argo XTV the right choice for the fun you’ll want to experience when you head out for a fantastic ride wherever you’re ready to go.

Of course, you also need to know you can carry gear with you when you drive one of these vehicles. The Argo 6×6 model is built to carry a strong payload, but if you move up to the Conquest 8×8 model, you’ll be able to double that load and take what you want with you. This vehicle can also tow what you need to when you want to take a trailer full of gear out for an ice fishing or to sit next to the lake and toss a pole in to enjoy the day in a remote area that only you can get to with your Argo XTV.

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