The Rugged SUV with the Softer Side

The Rugged SUV with the Softer Side

If you’re looking for a crossover SUV that has the size you want and the rugged handsomeness you’ve admired, the right choice for you can be the GMC Acadia. This new generation of the Acadia has shrunk in size to be an SUV that can offer you the quality driving experience you want when you head out on the road. While rugged on the outside, the new Acadia is offered with a softer ride, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the benefits you can have with the different comfort features offered in the vehicle.

There’s no reason for you to have a midsize crossover SUV that doesn’t look like it can get the job done. Let the GMC Acadia be the right SUV for you and you’ll have the looks you want, a choice of engines that can get the job done, and a seating configuration that allows you to have the latest in driver assistance items that you want for the ride. You’ll love the impressive infotainment system offered in this SUV that can be perfect for you when you take it out on the road and enjoy the drive in a vehicle that has the cargo and seating room you’re looking for.

There are some new features offered in the GMC Acadia including an automatic heated steering wheel, new 20-inch wheels, a Tire Fill Alert feature, a new 3.6-liter V6 engine for the SLE-1 AWD trim, and seating for 5, 6, or 7 passengers in the All-Terrain trim. These items make the Acadia even more attractive and functional for you to have the qualities you’re looking for when you head out on the road for a great drive. This SUV is one that can be perfect for you and your family to experience the drive you need.

Driving Qualities that Improve the GMC Acadia

With the drive mode selector offered for this SUV, you’ll have the ability to choose the terrain or the trailer/tow model for the ride you’re looking for. You can head out on the trails in the All-Terrain models that have the AWD you need and still enjoy the aggressive feeling of the ride. This makes the GMC Acadia one of the most capable SUV models you can find with the active clutch that improves the traction on and off the road. You’ll even have the hill descent control you need when you travel down a sloping trail and need to go slow.

Make the right choice and let the GMC Acadia become the one that will offer you the driving experience you’re after to get you out on the trails and on the road the way you want. This smaller version of the SUV you’ve admired with the rugged looks and incredible style gives you an easy way to have the ride you need. Come in and see the team at your nearby GMC dealer today and you’ll be able to get out on the roads and have the drive you want.

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