A Second Generation Performer

A Second Generation Performer

Chevrolet has done a masterful job of improving the Chevrolet Cruze as it makes its way into the second year of its second generation. This car is one that you can have in a wide variety of ways to ensure you have a car that gives you the drive you’re looking for. Whether you want an efficient compact sedan or an attractive and versatile hatchback, you’ll be able to choose the right way for you to drive. This is a car that shows up with an excellent list of choices for you when it comes to the powertrains found under the hood that you’re going to be ready to enjoy.
Are you looking for a quiet an comfortable drive in a small car that gives you the fuel mileage you want? If so, the Chevy Cruze is available with the safety items you want including blind spot monitoring, forward collision alerts, along with the ability to enjoy a diesel engine that provides as much as 52 mpg on the highway to give you up to 700 miles of driving on a single full tank of fuel. This is a car that offers you an amazing list of ways you can have the drive you’re looking for.

How Will You Describe It?

When you’re looking for the smooth, quiet, and comfortable drive, the Chevy Cruze can be the right choice. This is how the Cruze has been described and certainly how it will be the car you’ve been after. When you get behind the wheel you’ll be impressed by the technology offered in this car and the way it handles the ride you want. You’ll be able to accelerate quickly, make the turns you need, and enjoy the comfort and clarity of the cabin you sit in.

Choose the hatchback model and you’ll be absolutely amazed by the spacious cargo area that ensures you can take all the gear you need to with you. This is the largest hatchback from Chevrolet and it makes the drive easier for you when you’re ready to get out on the road and show off what you’ve found for the ride. This impressive car also brings you the benefits of the Teen Driver technology that allows you to set limits to the car that will ensure your young driver drives the way you want and is able to pay attention on the road.

Chevrolet has been admired for offering some of the most impressive technology in every vehicle they have in their list of models. The Cruze is no exception and it brings you the MyLink infotainment system with a seven-inch screen and the benefits of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. This is a car that you want to drive and will be glad you found when you’re ready to have the complete package on the road. Take a test drive in the Cruze today and check out the amazing offers from your local dealer that has the Cruze you want to enjoy every day.

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