Protecting the Most Distracted of Drivers

Protecting the Most Distracted of Drivers

When we are on the road, it’s important to focus on the drive and try to avoid being distracted while you’re behind the wheel (check out some of the cool driver assistance features on the Chevrolet Traverse, if you’d like some proof of Chevy’s dedication to safety). This means you need to keep your cell phone in a separate location, hook up to the infotainment system, and keep food and drinks out of your hand. For those that like to put makeup from behind the wheel, you need to get ready before you get behind the wheel to allow yourself to focus on the road in front of you and the drive you need to make.
Unfortunately, some of the most distracted drivers on the road are the police officers that are tasked with trying to keep us safe. They have radios they need to respond to, a computer that needs to be used (hopefully not while driving), and other drivers on the road that need their attention. Thankfully, these officers are highly trained and have skills from behind the wheel that most of us don’t have, but that doesn’t stop them from potentially being in an accident when they’re trying to perform their duties and keep the rest of us safer out on the roads we drive.

Chevrolet is Keeping Officers Safer

The team at Chevrolet has added more to their line of Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPV) for the 2018 model year to make sure those that are charged with protecting us are able to protect themselves better and make it home safely at the end of every shift. By adding more of what the rest of us already enjoy in the Tahoe models that officers use, Chevrolet is making this possible and allowing fewer accidents with police vehicles to take place, which makes it easier for these professionals to avoid an accident, even when they are distracted.

The new PPV models offered will have an optional Enhanced Driver Assist Package offered in these vehicles. This is the first of its kind in models that are rated for pursuit duties. This package adds five important technologies to help officers stay safe and reduce the number of accidents. For the rest of us, these technologies have reduced crashes by 27 percent with the forward collision warnings added and when the automatic braking is included in the package the reduction of accidents is 50 percent compared to models that don’t have this technology for the driving enjoyment.

The new package that will be added will give officers the benefit of low speed forward automatic braking, forward collision alerts, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, a safety alert driver’s seat, and power adjustable pedals. These items will make use of the radar and forward looking cameras along with sensors and systems that are created to make sure the police officers in these vehicles can stay safe and avoid a collision when on duty. This added technology should assist these officers in getting their jobs done and feel safer even when they are distracted from the duties of driving for a few seconds while trying to keep the rest of us safe.

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