Functionality is the Theme for this Pickup Truck

Functionality is the Theme for this Pickup Truck

When you look at the Chevrolet Silverado you certainly see a vehicle that’s functional for the work or entertainment you want to be able to enjoy. This truck is one that has been called the “Heartbeat of America” in the past and is considered to be one of the most impressive trucks on the market that you can choose for your drive. If you have this pickup truck for the drive you want, you’ve already increased the amount of functionality you get to experience when you head out on the road to get things done.
What’s changed to make this truck more functional than it was in the past? As the new Chevrolet Silverado breaks ground for the 2019 model year, it arrived at the Detroit Auto Show to be one that’s able to give us an improved level of fuel efficiency from the engine lineup offered. This is the result of the first improvement made, which is a weight loss of 450 pounds due to aluminum being used in the hood, doors, and rear liftgate to make this truck lighter and more agile when you take it out for a drive.

More Function for Your Needs

the safety cage of the truck is made up of seven different grades of steel to make sure this truck is able to offer the mixture of strength and lightweight materials to make this truck as efficient as possible. Other areas that contributed to the overall 450 pounds that was lost was the use of these materials in the front upper control arms, and rear springs which are made from a new carbon composite material. You’re going to be amazed by what the new Silverado offers when you’re ready to get things done out on the road and trails you love.

Another way the new Silverado adds more functionality to the truck that offers you a bed that has twenty percent more cargo space to give you a full 63 cubic feet of volume. This means you can carry more gear and more items with you wherever you need to go so that you can have the drive you want and the experience you’re looking for. There are now 12-tie down points in the bed with a max force rating of 500 pounds to make sure you can keep the items secure that you need to in the bed.

Add the benefits of the cargo bed task lighting, a rear 120-volt outlet, and a larger CornerStep bumper than what you had in the past and this truck is extremely functional for the gear you need to take with you. Inside, the rear seats have an additional three inches of leg room and there are storage bins integrated into the rear seats that are 10-liters in size. These improvements certainly make the Chevrolet Silverado a truck that’s much more functional than what you’ve seen in the past and make it an easy choice for you when you want a great truck for your daily drive.

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