Halting Production in the Largest Market

Halting Production in the Largest Market

There are more vehicles sold in the Chinese market than in any other in the world and over the years that has led to something that every market appears to face. In many areas of the world, air pollution and smog has become a serious problem. When you consider the fact that China is responsible for a larger segment of the population than any other country in the world, these pollution troubles are only magnified to be worse in this area than any other, which means the government needs to take some decisive action.
In order to address some of the vehicle emissions issues and pollution problems, the Chinese government has ordered the production halt of 553 different car models that will help reduce the vehicle emissions for a period of time. This halt to the production can help slow the sales of some gasoline models that are part of the high-emissions cars in the country and some of these will eventually be banned as we move forward. This shouldn’t come as any surprise considering the direction the Chinese automotive industry has gone in the past few months and the legislation that has already been passed.

More Specifics

In the next couple of years, cars that are sold in China will be required to have a specific number of models for each brand that are zero emissions vehicles. This number will grow each year as a percentage of the vehicles sold in order to put more models on the road that help to reduce the pollution in the country. With the growing amount of pollution, the government has chosen to enact a band that took effect on January 1, 2018, for the stoppage of production of some models in the country in order to reduce the pollution.

Affected brands for these high-emissions vehicles include General Motors, VW Group, and Daimler. Most of these models are commercial vehicles, but considering the number is at 553 different models, there are several that are part of some of the Chinese brands as well. The goal of the Chinese market is to move away from gasoline and diesel vehicles in much the same way as other countries in Europe are doing, but China might need to do this much sooner than those other countries because of the amount of pollution and number of cars on the road.

Many countries have announced they will have only models that produce zero emissions on the market by 2040, and China is considering the same for their market. Many of the growing automotive brands in China are building only EV models which would certainly signal a change in the market and a direction toward having these EV models offered for the drive. This also opens the door for the hydrogen fuel-cell models to make sure you can have the drive needed. The global market is likely to follow the same path and begin to offer us more of what we want to drive for the future on the road with lower emissions.

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