Do EVs Belong at the Dragstrip?

Do EVs Belong at the Dragstrip

In the past couple of years, the Tesla Model S has proven time and again that an EV can be the fastest car on the dragstrip. There are no doubt those that saw this car show up at the strip the first time it raced thought the Model S was a gimmick and wondered how a sedan could be made to take on the cars made by some of the most impressive sports car names on the market. When Tesla was able to beat the best of Lamborghini, Dodge and others eyes were opened to what an EV could do on the drag strip.

What Have We Here?

Now that Chevrolet has brought us the Bolt EV the question may be whether or not this car can handle the same challenge. While the Bolt is probably not going to tear up the drag strip against some of the top names in racing, this little EV is going to allow you to realize what you want to enjoy and the fun you can have.

Instant Torque Love – With the Chevy Bolt EV you’ll understand why torque and the instant delivery of all the low-end power you could need is something you’re going to love and enjoy. This impressive live car is able to reach sixty mph in only 6.5 seconds and will reach the top speed of 92 mph not much longer after that to give you an exceptional ride. The power of the Bolt is 266 lb.-ft. of torque and 200 horsepower, which is much more than an autocross favorite, the Mazda Miata.

It’s a Lot of Fun – Do you have to hide your face or act like it’s not fun to drive the Bolt when you take this car out to the track? Not at all, you can let that smile cross your face as the low center of gravity and stiff ride makes this car one that can tear through a track with ease. This car can do more than ride fast in a straight line, it can handle the twist and turns and allow you to have fun in an active way that’s perfect for you on the track. This car is fun to drive, even if it doesn’t look like it should be.

Quiet Until the Tires Squeal – The little button that turns the traction control off is one you’re going to want to push to have the most fun. The engine isn’t going to roar to life and you won’t hear much from the car except the fun and aggressive sounds the tires make when you push them to their limits and work to have the most fun from behind the wheel of this excellent little EV. Step on the throttle, turn the wheel and make this car show you what it can actually do on the track.

More Fun than the GTI – It may not be the direct competitor, or not even in the same class, but with the GTI that’s one of the darlings of the autocross world the Bolt EV shows serious promise against the car that we’ve known and loved for many years. While the GTI has to spool up with the turbocharger and you have a completely different feeling, the Bolt EV is a car that can instantly show off what you want to experience out on the track for the performance you’ve been after.

Still, Have Range for the Ride Home – Even after taking a Bolt EV out on the track to show off what it can do this is a car that has the ability to conserve the battery and let you continue to have enough left to head home after the fun on the track. Drive the Bolt however you want and you’re still going to maintain much of the 238 miles of range this car offers on a full charge and you will love the way it conserves what you want; the range to get home.

More Fun than You Thought

The new Chevrolet Bolt EV is a car that offers you the drive and the fun you want, even if all you want to do is see what it can do around a track. Get yourself a new Bolt and let it show what can happen when you head out on the road and take it out of the Eco mode. This isn’t just another EV that’s meant to drive slow and be a challenge, it’s a car that can fit into your lifestyle and surprise you in many ways.

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