More for you in the GMC Acadia

More for you in the GMC Acadia

The 2020 model year will mark the time for a mid-cycle refresh for the GMC Acadia, and it appears that GM is ready to give this SUV more of everything that you want. For the new model year, this SUV will gain three new engine options, three more gears in the automatic transmission, and more trims to make it an SUV that has more choices for you. This makes it possible for the Acadia to continue to be the SUV that you trust and drive when you want an excellent rugged and comfortable SUV.

The Chevrolet Savior Meets its Demise

Chevrolet Volt

When it first arrived on the scene in 2010, the Chevrolet Volt was thought of as a car that could help to save GM and spur a movement of hybrid vehicles that would take away some of the market share from Toyota.
This little car showed up with the build and the qualities desired and it was updated in 2015 to give us a second generation of the range and qualities desired. Recent news has listed the Chevrolet Volt as one of the models that will be axed by GM when it works through the plant closings and a shift away from passenger cars for the future.

RAV4: The Adventure You’re Looking for from Toyota

RAV4 The Adventure Youre Looking for from Toyota

Toyota wanted us to feel so enthralled by the new 2019 RAV4 that they not only completely redesigned this vehicle, they also gave it a new trim that’s called Adventure. How could you choose this trim level and never take this SUV out on the trails for some fun? This new version of the RAV4 gives you a grill that comes from a rough and rugged vehicle, offers you the most ground clearance in this revised lineup, and more off-road capability to give you the power and performance you need when you take this SUV out on the trails.

The Cadillac Escalade is Sporting a New Edition

Cadillac Escalade Sport

For the first time in a long time, the Cadillac Escalade shows up with a special look.
We’ve seen a variety of special models and trim choices from the GM brands over the years with different style cues and color combinations. This new Escalade is the Sport Edition, which showed up at the Lo Angeles Auto Show. The Sport Edition brings us dark accents and features to the large SUV to be an impressive style package that can offer the dramatic effect you’re sure to admire and love when you choose it for the Escalade you want to drive.

Nexo – This Hyundai SUV is Right for the Future

The Hyundai Nexo is Right for the Future

When more automakers embrace the fact that hydrogen will be the true future of driving, we’re going to see an infrastructure boom that hasn’t been seen in the past. Until then, we’re going to see brands such as Hyundai, offer us models like the Nexo that we look at and realize they are just a little ahead of their time. The amount of fossil fuels is finite and electric batteries haven’t proved to be easy to charge in a short period of time yet, but hydrogen can easily be the answer to what we desire.

Maintenance Items You Need to Pay Attention To

Maintenance Items You Need to Pay Attention To

Cars of today don’t require as much maintenance or upkeep as those of many years ago. Considering the amount of computerization in cars of today, it would be nearly impossible for most of us to handle the challenge of maintenance in the vehicles that we own and enjoy on a regular basis. Even so, you do need to pay attention to some items and take care of the maintenance to help your car run smoothly and deliver the most horsepower and the best fuel mileage for your drive.

Giulia: The Sleek and Sophisticated Alfa Romeo You’ll Love to Drive

The Sleek and Sophisticated Alfa Romeo Youll Love to Drive

Have you been itching for a new car that has the sexy style that Alfa Romeo has to offer? Wouldn’t you love to have this car be one that reaches to the top end of the lineup to give you the most power and the most incredible drive on the roads and at the tracks you visit on a regular basis? If these are thoughts and desires that you’re having, there’s only one car that can satisfy the craving for you; the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Get Ready for Spring with a SCAG

Get Ready for Spring with a SCAG

It’s awfully cold outside right now and the threat of snow looms large in your mind on a daily basis. Even so, you know the springtime is around the corner and it will be time for you to mow the yard. How did you mow your grass last year? If you used a push mower for the job, you need to step up to a zero turn mower from SCAG to help you get the work done this year. Of course, if you used a tractor mower that doesn’t have a good turning radius, you’ll want to see what this SCAG has as well.

The Nissan Leaf Grabs Plus Performance

The Nissan Leaf Grabs Plus Performance

You’re probably not looking to the Nissan Leaf as the exciting sports car that you want to drive, but you can look at this car as the right electric vehicle for the drive. Nissan has recently unveiled a new version of the Leaf at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it has more of what you’re looking for in an electric vehicle. In other markets, this new Leaf will be called the Leaf e+, but in North America, we will get to know this car simply as the Leaf Plus.