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How To Service Your Used Honda

Used Honda

Here’s What To Consider When Looking for Honda Service

When you’re looking to get your used Honda vehicle serviced, there’s nothing more important than trust. If you’re looking for a home for Honda service, visit your local Honda dealer for all your needs.

Finding a new service department can be daunting, and you want to feel confident when you go in for your next service need. From oil changes and tire rotations to more complex diagnoses and fixes, a certified Honda service center is a one-stop shop for Honda service. But there are several reasons why this is an ideal avenue for service—here are three factors to consider when you’re searching for a reputable shop for your Honda’s next service appointment.

When Your Budget is Tight, These are the Used Vehicles for You

2010 Chevrolet Camaro

You can find a number of excellent used vehicles to drive when you look at what’s offered in your area.
Even if you have a budget of only $15,000 for the vehicle you want to drive every day, you’ll be able to find some impressive models that can be easy for you to enjoy for several years. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive used cars that you can choose when you’ve got a tight budget and need to get value for what you buy.

Is Honda the Most Reliable Brand for Pre-Owned Cars?

PreOwned Leader?

Honda is a brand that has continued to exceed car owners’ expectations as the most reliable brand for pre-owned cars. It has received awards for safety and dependability from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and J.D. Power, respectively. If you’re looking for a pre-owned brand you can rely on, check out your local Honda dealers to find your next vehicle.

The Real Reason You Need an SUV(Part 1)

The Real Reason You Need an SUVPart 1

When you’re ready to purchase an SUV you’re likely looking for a vehicle that offers you room to carry the stuff you want to take with you. The term SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, which means that it’s supposed to fill many of the needs you have when its time to get out on the road. With more of these crossovers on the market than ever before, you need to know how much space is offered for you to carry the items you want with you when you drive. Let’s take a look at the utility offered for several different crossover SUVs and we’ll wrap up the conversation in Part 2.

Vehicles We Love to Drive – SUVs and Minivans

The Vehicles We Love to Drive

When you purchase a vehicle that’s going to be your daily ride and the one you rely on for the travel you need to make, it’s important that you know you’re about to put a lot of miles on the odometer. We love to rack up the miles on the vehicles that we use for picking up the kids, taking vacations, going to work, and running errands every day. This means the vehicles that have a lot of miles on them have to be built right to handle the torture of the daily grind.

Comparing Sedans

Comparing Sedans

It might not get you excited, but it should. When it comes to the drive that many of us make on the road, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are both models that come to mind for many of us with both of these models being cars that we know are able to give us the ride we want and the quality we’ve been looking for. This is certainly as close to a fair comparison as we’ve ever seen because both of these cars are in the same class and are sold at virtually the same price.

The Reason You Drive

The Reason You Drive

When you first received your driver’s license you probably were extremely excited to be able to drive and know you can get out on the road to explore. Whether it was your car you drove or your parents’, you felt the freedom of the open road when you got behind the wheel. Over time, driving may have become a chore for you and part of your daily activities that is necessary and not as much fun. If it’s time to have more fun from behind the wheel again, a hot hatch might be the right choice for you and the Ford Focus RS and Honda Civic Type R are two you can certainly consider for the drive.

Ford Focus RS

Get behind the wheel of this impressive hot hatch and you’re going to have a smile on your face the entire time you drive. This amazing car makes use of a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that pumps out 350 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque to make it a powerful small car that can slingshot your from zero to sixty mph in only 4.5 seconds. The sounds coming from this car are amazing and you’ll have a lot of fun when you drive.

The Focus RS comes with an excellent AWD layout that will keep you under control, but if you want to drift, this isn’t the car for you. On the plus side, this is a hot hatch that brings you the right qualities in the cabin to make it a comfortable car that you can have for the drive you want to enjoy out on the roads in your area. This is a little car that works great as a daily driver even though it has a lot of power coming out from under the engine.

Honda Civic Type R

When you drive this hot hatch, it brings you a different set of competencies than what the Ford offers you. This car makes use of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that pumps out 306 horsepower in this FWD model that allows you to get out and have a lot of fun on the track or on the road. This impressive car corners, and steers with confidence while giving you the fun you’re looking for to remind you why you want to get behind the wheel and take a drive in a car build for fun.

This car takes 5.2 seconds to reach sixty mph, and it feels quick and decisive on the road and at the track. Step inside and let this car amaze you with its sporty look and style that can allow you to experience something special from behind the wheel. The seats are comfortable and the connectivity is clear and easy to see when it’s time to have the drive you’re looking for. As one of the most affordable hot hatches on the market, you can experience the driving feeling you want when you make this car your vehicle of choice.

The Right Choice

When you’re comparing these two cars, there isn’t a right choice between them; they both are. The Ford Focus RS will tear up a track or road and give you the confident drive that never lets loose on the road. If you’re looking for the one that will allow you to practice your drifting, the Honda Civic Type R is the one that will allow you to smoke the tires and let out a squeal. Both cars bring in a personality that can’t be denied an are the right choice when you want to have a reminder of why you wanted to start driving in the first place.

Another New Honda Concept to Get Excited About

Another New Honda Concept to Get Excited About

We saw the new Urban EV Concept from Honda make its way across the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show to capture our attention and imagination. This new concept is one that allowed us to admire a throwback style and feel while adding a generous amount of futuristic style and technology to be a concept we can certainly appreciate and desire. If you thought this was all Honda had to offer, you’d be wrong as this brand looks to bring another new model to the Tokyo Motor Show.